Siberian Huskies - our family's pets

We have two full-bred Huskies and one mixed Husky - German Shepherd dog. On these pages, you will find recordings of the sounds our full-bred Husky makes, pictures of our dogs, and hints on care particular to Siberian Huskies.

If you own a Husky, you most likely know that this breed is a friendly, family-loving dog that has some peculiarities. The dog loves to - and MUST - run, wants company of at least one other dog - and a human family, can have a sensitive digestive system, and has certain grooming needs. Explore my website through the links, above or below, to find information.

I've started a Blog here: Feel free to hop on over and read the comments, and make your own. I've included some of the content of email advice that I've sent to people who have written to me.